Thursday, July 24, 2008



1. <%
strName="John Smith"
Referring to the above, if you want to pass the contents of
the strName variable in a hyperlink, which line of code would you

A. This cannot be done. The anchor is on the client and the
variable is on the server.
B. href="Encode.asp?name=<%=Server.URLPathEncode(strName)%>">click here
C. ">click here
D. ">click here
E. ">click here

2. <%@ Language=VBScript %>
<%If false Then%>


<%End If%>
What would the above code load?

A. Only the file into the ASP

B. Both files, since Server Side Includes are processed
before ASP interpreting.
C. Only the file into the ASP page.
D. Neither file, since Server Side Includes are processed
before ASP interpreting.
E. Neither file, since the #INCLUDE statements are commented out.

3. <% Response.Redirect("") %>
What does the above code accomplish?

A. It sends the browser the line of sample code, and the browser executes it.
B. It sends the response to "" instead of to the
Requesting browser.
C. It sends a redirection header back to the browser, and the browser then
requests the new target document.

D. The redirection occurs on the server-side, and the first response the
browser gets is the head and body of the new target document.
E. It causes the server to send a request to the target URL and passes the
response to the requesting browser.

4. How are sessions maintained?

A. The browser sends a cookie to the server with each

B. The browser sends a QueryString variable to the server with
each request.
C. The browser sends a hidden Form variable to the server with
each request.
D. The browser sends a long variable to the server in the BODY
of each request.
E. None of the above.

5. When does the application OnEnd event handler

A. After every request for an application document, since web servers are
stateless servers.
B. As soon as there are no open connections to any application
C. When the web server is stopped in an orderly fashion.

D. Twenty minutes after the last request for a document in the
E. When there are no application requests for the amount of
time defined by the
SessionTimeout variable.

6. How long is a sessionID guaranteed to be

A. It is unique for the web server, whether it is restarted or
B. Only until the web server is restarted.
C. It is like a GUID in that it is for any web server at any
D. Only until the session expires, then it can be reissued to
another client.

E. It is unique per client. A client cannot have two sessions
with the same sessionID

7.Which code sample will report whether the client's browser
supports cookies?

A. <% var objFSO = Server.CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
response.write objFSO.cookiesSupported
B. You can only use JavaScript for this.
C. <% var objFSO = Server.CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
response.write objFSO.cookies
D. <% var objBrowser = Server.CreateObject("MSWC.BrowserType")
response.write objBrowser.cookies

E. <% var objBrowser = Server.CreateObject("MSWC.BrowserType")
response.write objBrowser.cookiesSupported

8. Male
Referring to the above, which line of code would retrieve the
selected radio button value?

A. For cnt=0 to rbSex.count - 1
If rbSex(cnt).value = selected Then
strSex = rbSex(cnt).value
exit for
End If
B. strSex = Request("rbSex").selected.value
C. strSex = Request("rbSex")

D. strSex = Request.rbSex.value
E. For Each value in rbSex
If rbSex.selected = true
strSex = value
exit for

9. The FileSystemObject provides an object interface to drives,
directories, and files for which of the following?

A. Any local or mapped drive on either the server or the

B. Only files and subdirectories in the web site's home
C. Any local physical drive or mapped drive on the web
D. Any file system physically located on the web server.
E. The client's computer.

10. What purpose is served by the Application.lock

A. It locks the Application object, preventing other clients from altering
any values in the Contents collection.

B. It locks the application, preventing the server from responding to any
requests for application documents.
C. It locks the application, preventing non-SSL requests from
being processed.
D. It locks the Application object, preventing other clients from reading any
values in the Content collection.
E. It locks other clients from reading the Contents

11. How to Display images using Response

A. Contenttype=Application/Brush
B. Contenttype=Image/JPG

C. Contenttype=Application/paint
D. Contenttype=Image/WMF

12.What is the use of following Statement

A.The page will be removed form cache after 120 Hours
B.The page will be removed form cache after 120 Sec
C.The page will be removed form cache before 120 Min
D.The page will be removed form cache after 2 Hours

13. Which choice is NOT a property of Dictionary

A. Key()
B. CompareMode
C. Item ()
D. Exists ()

E. Count

14. Using VBScript, which of the following Scripting Object(s)
is NOT available from scrrun.dll?

A. TextStream
B. Dictionary Object
C. Err Object
D. FileSystemObject
E. All are available from scrrun.dll.

15. What is an .ASP file?

It is a Text File that contains the combination of the following:
· Text
· HTML tags
· Script Commands

16.How are scripts executed?

ASP provides scripting engines that execute the corresponding
scripting languages on the server side. Scripts should be encoded within the
<% ….%> delimiters.

17. What are the browsers that can access ASP pages?

· Internet Explorer (supports VBScript, JavaScript)
· Netscape Communicator/ Navigator (supports only JavaScript, Vbscript can be also added too)

18. What is a "Virtual Directory"?

Virtual directories are aliases for directory paths on the server.
It allows to move files on the disk between different folders, drives or even
servers without changing the structure of web pages. It avoids typing an extremely
long URL each time to access an ASP page.

19. What is the difference between client-side script and server-side script?

Scripts executed only by the browser without contacting the
server is called client-side script. It is browser dependent. The scripting
code is visible to the user and hence not secure. Scripts executed by the
web server and processed by the server is called server-side script.

20. Give the comment Tags for the following:

VBScript : REM & ‘(apostrophe)
JavaScript : // (single line comment)
/* */ (Multi-line comments)

21.How can you disable the browser to view the code?

Writing codes within the Tag.

22. How does the server identify and execute the server-side scripts within HTML code?

· Including the RUNAT=SERVER attribute in the